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Welcome to Fox In An Apron. Why Fox In An Apron? Well, that’s me…my name is Rina Fox and since I left work about 3 years ago, I finally got the chance to put on my apron. I love to cook, bake, eat and this is my blog.

Fox In An Apron is my personal blog where very soon you will see a collection of recipes (that I enjoyed since I was a child or discovered along the way) that I normally only share with family and friends; but now I hope to share it with you too! Whether it is a meal for two or ten, be it something fancy or simple, I hope Fox In An Apron will have something to offer.

It is a privilege to be able to prepare our food at home. I know and can control what goes in our food. As much as I can, I avoid using sugar and where possible I will replace sugar with glucose (pure, unprocessed form of sugar) instead. Same goes with oil, where possible, I would prefer to use olive oil than other highly processed oil.

I am still very new in the world of food blogging, constructive feedback and comments are most appreciated.



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